Welcome To My World of Romance

Why is it that some people find love so easily and for others it is so hard? For most of us it is because life experiences teach us that things are not always as they seem. Often what a person presents to us on the outside is not what they are on the inside, or at least not the total picture. That is why I write "between the lines." I look for the emotion, the meaning that is hidden, unsaid, in each person as their life and love plays out. I also write cross-genre. My Contemporary fiction is romantic but focuses on the woman's journey--more like Women's Fiction. My romantic suspense tends to have elements of science fiction with it, or near future possibilities as well as contemporary characters and situations.

Like many readers, some of the time I want to be on the edge of my seat wondering how the hero or heroine is going to come out alive. At other times I just want to follow the journey of a woman as she overcomes challenges, balances work and family, and falls in love without being in physical danger. Of course, in both my suspense and romantic women's fiction the heart is always in danger.

My books are about those men and women who find it difficult to trust, to fall in love, because of their wounded past. Whether wounded by parents, siblings, personal trauma, or divorce, my heroes and heroines find the strength to overcome their pasts and to reach out to someone else—a friend, a child, a parent—and to fight for justice and happiness for themselves and for those who cannot fight. In so doing they open themselves to their true passion—a passion for life and for love. I hope you will join me and my characters in these wonderful journeys of the heart.


Huge Party at Jan's Paperbacks Nov. 2nd!

Kobo representatives are coming to town and Jan's Paperbacks is sponsoring a huge author signing with 20 authors! This is going to be the Fall party not to miss.


In addition to signing lots of wonderful print books, each author will be giving away FREE ebooks to anyone who comes to the party and stops to talk. And there will be a drawing for a free Kobo Ereader!

Participating authors are listed below.

Maggie Jaimeson / Maggie Faire
Jamie Brazil
Lucy Monroe
Elisabeth Naughton
Bryan Lee Gregory
Christy Evans / Christina York
J. Steven York
Delilah Marvelle
Caroline Fyffe
William Hertling

Meljean Brook
M. L. Buchman
Darcy Burke
Paty Jager
C. Morgan Kennedy
Therese Patrick
Jack Whitsel
Jessa Slade
Jean Sheldon